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Sod plugs are a very easy way to fill in patches in your existing lawn or plug a whole new lawn.

1 tray of 18 plugs planted 12-16" apart will cover 50 sqft

We offer Zoysia and St. Augustine in our sod plugs.



PREP : Dig a hole for each plug to be 3" deep and 12-16" apart from each other. For an extra boost, throw in a little teaspoon of organic fertilizer in the bottom of each hole.

PLANT : Press plug firmly into the hole, filling in all space around the edge of the plug. The plug roots should make contact with the ground to ensure continuous growth.

WATER : After you have planted your plugs, water them until they are well saturated. Then water them everyday until they have rooted into your lawn. Once they have taken root, cut back to twice a week.