Road gravel is a very fine gravel made up of a mixture of multicolor rocks. This is great for driveways or walkways as the small rocks are smooth and not very sharp around the edges.


Tips for using Road Gravel:

  • Use borders to keep gravel in its place as rocks this small will tend to wash away.

  • Use edging materials to create a border, or use other larger landscaping rocks.

  • Small gravel is great for small areas. It adds a decorative touch to those spots that are too small for larger rocks.


Enter Your Address to Zoom In


  • Find and zoom in on the desired address using the Search tool.

  • Left click on the map to start plotting points.

  • Continue clicking around the perimeter to add more points.

  • The Square Footage and Border of the area will be updated.

  • Adjust an area as needed by dragging its points.