Can I “Fall Install”?

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Fall is one of the best times for any lawn project. The temperatures are alot

cooler making it alot more bareable to be outside and get our DIY projects

done. Due to cooler temperatures, you have less risk of your sod burning or

drying out the new roots. You will also get the advantage of not watering as

often due to the water not evaporating as quickly during the fall as it

does during the summer; however, you still have to water your new

lawn regularly. This doesn’t mean that you can't have success in the

hotter, dryer months of the summer, you just simply need to be more

diligent with your watering and maintenance.

Remember that timing is everything when it comes to installing new sod.

Sod takes up to 6 weeks to develop a strong root system and around 2 weeks

for a shallow root system. Keep this in mind when planning your fall lawn projects

and be sure to give your sod adequate time to form its root system before the ground gets too cold.

Cassie Caldwell