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Cobblestone IV

Cobblestone IV provides the ultimate cut stone look for the modern paver surface.


Cobblestone IV

Available By Special Order

Cobblestone IV provides the ultimate cut stone look for the modern paver surface. Laid randomly, the stone shapes add a touch of elegance to even the most casual setting. Even individually, their simple yet bold shapes come together to make a statement. Through color selection, they can be made more subtle. But make no mistake, Cobblestone IV desires attention. Age, and a little wear and tear, enhance the beauty of the cobbled surface.


  • 1. Excavate subgrade material and compact the area which has been cleared. Then backfill with densegraded aggregate (typically 4 to 6 inches for light vehicular and pedestrian traffic, increasing to 8 to 12 inches for heavy vehicular and industrial use) as directed by site engineer, architect, or landscape architect.
  • 2. Place bedding course of sharp, normal-weight screening sand to a uniform depth of approximately 1-1/2 inches leveled to grade.
  • 3. Install Block USA pavers on bedding course in pattern desired.
  • 4. Where required, cut paving stones with an approved cutter to fit accurately, neatly and without damaged edges.
  • 5. Tamp paving stones with mechanical vibrator uniformly level, true to grade and free of movement.
  • 6. Fill voids in joints by sweeping in a fine, dry masonry sand.

Specifications and Pallet Information

Paver Size: 60mm

Sq. ft. per cube: 96

Pieces per cube: 405

Weight per cube (approx.): 2565 lbs


Enter Your Address to Zoom In


  • Find and zoom in on the desired address using the Search tool.
  • Left click on the map to start plotting points.
  • Continue clicking around the perimeter to add more points.
  • The Square Footage and Border of the area will be updated.
  • Adjust an area as needed by dragging its points.

More information on colors, sizes, and options are available at the Block USA site.