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Bishop's Hat

Bishop’s Hat is a familiar shape with a positive reference.


Bishop's Hat

Available By Special Order

Bishop's Hat is a familiar shape with a positive reference. It creates boldness through both size and form and works well where large patterns will help define the outdoor space. The Bishop's Hat style, when combined with Plazastone, can create a variety of distinctive patterns. Any outdoor area will benefit from the strong classic shape of Block USA's Bishop's Hat. It is especially recommended for pool decks and large patio areas.

These strong, resilient, long-lasting pavers are a perfect solution for a broad range of paving projects. Classic concrete pavers from Block USA gives you the assurance that the resulting paved surface will look beautiful for a very long time.


  • 1. Excavate subgrade material and compact the area which has been cleared. Then backfill with densegraded aggregate (typically 4 to 6 inches for light vehicular and pedestrian traffic, increasing to 8 to 12 inches for heavy vehicular and industrial use) as directed by site engineer, architect, or landscape architect.
  • 2. Place bedding course of sharp, normal-weight screening sand to a uniform depth of approximately 1-1/2 inches leveled to grade.
  • 3. Install Block USA pavers on bedding course in pattern desired.
  • 4. Where required, cut paving stones with an approved cutter to fit accurately, neatly and without damaged edges.
  • 5. Tamp paving stones with mechanical vibrator uniformly level, true to grade and free of movement.
  • 6. Fill voids in joints by sweeping in a fine, dry masonry sand.

Specifications and Pallet Information


Paver Size: 60mm

Sq. ft. per cube: 81

Pieces per cube: 160

Weight per cube (approx.): 2257 lbs


Enter Your Address to Zoom In


  • Find and zoom in on the desired address using the Search tool.
  • Left click on the map to start plotting points.
  • Continue clicking around the perimeter to add more points.
  • The Square Footage and Border of the area will be updated.
  • Adjust an area as needed by dragging its points.

More information on colors, sizes, and options are available at the Block USA site.