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About Woerner Turf

A Short History Of Our Beginnings, Our Family Business And Our VISION 

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    1915 when the Woerner Family settled in the small German town of Elberta, AL and began farming. One of the children of that family Edward James Woerner married Lillie Louise and began farming agriculture commodities. Together Edward and Lillie had six sons and two daughters.

    As the sons grew older, Edward formed the corporation Edward J. Woerner and Sons, Inc. with the purpose of selling agriculture for a living.  By the mid 1970’s the farm was continuing to grow by operating on almost 2000 acres of produce such as sweet corn, grain, sweet potatoes, watermelons, soybeans, wheat and Irish potatoes.

    However, with fluctuating weather and market conditions, the family began to experiment with other business ventures—grass.  Grass quickly became such a success that they acquired more farming land to continue this growing turf trend.  Soon, all of the land and capital was converted from harvesting produce to harvesting sod.  This third generation of the Woerner family developed new growth for farming in South Alabama.  Today, Woerner Turf is comprised of five farms and three outlets located in the Southeast and Hawaii.

    As times are forever changing, Woerner Turf is also changing to meet consumer’s demand.  Now, there is also expansion into real estate developments and other grass products.  Gulf Kist Seed was developed to provide customers with high quality seeds to plant their own lawns.  Woerner Turf and Landscape was started to provide homeowners and landscapers with pavers, stone, mulch, and all landscaping materials needed to compliment the lawn’s beauty.

Over the years,this industry has taken Woerner Turf around the world.

We have had the pleasure to provide our grass to some of the largest sports tournaments, golf courses, and events around the country. Many things have changed, but our goal remains the same to keep Turning America Green.